Alternatives To Rehearsal Dinners

May 21, 2019 at 03:22 pm by AnnaAdmin


By Krista Ehret

The rehearsal dinner in its authentic form is the ritual of feeding all family and bridal party members who are required to attend the wedding rehearsal. In current days, this dinner has exploded into its own event where all too many times the guest list and budget rivals that of the wedding itself. Another issue is that many modern-day venues will book weddings on Thursdays and Fridays which prevents the rehearsal from happening the night before. You may be forced to schedule your rehearsal in the morning or even
have it the day of the wedding. If you have had any complications arise, or are just looking to branch away from the norm, here are some ideas to consider in lieu of the traditional post-rehearsal meal.


If you have a group that enjoys a little libation, this is a great option as there are many distilleries, vineyards and breweries in our area. Tickets average around $8 per person, so it’s definitely a cheaper route than providing an entire dinner. With that money saved, you may consider providing transportation so that guests can all ride together and be safe. Similarly, there are wine tours that will valet your party around to different vineyards and to lunch. This is an all-day event and will be more on the pricey side.


Middle Tennessee has recently become a very popular spot for destination weddings. Due to the surplus of awesome venues and vendors, the growing Nashville scene, and being centrally located within the country, it’s easy to see the appeal. If the majority of your guests are out-of-towners, why not show them the sights? Depending on where everyone is staying, the Country Music Hall of Fame, Belle Meade Plantation, Ryman Auditorium, The Hermitage and The Frist Center are all great options. There are also tons of guided bus tours that allow the guests to see several landmarks in a shorter amount of time.


If you prefer to be up and moving versus wining and dining, think of alternatives that get the blood pumping. Top Golf is a new Nashville hot spot that can accommodate large or small groups. Price wise, you may come out about the same per person as a sit-down dinner, but this includes the playing fee. Bowling, Line Dancing Classes and Pedal Taverns are other fun options. Going to a Nashville Sounds game is another idea that is very affordable and family-friendly.


If due to venue restrictions you need to have your rehearsal at an odd time of day, just go with it and enjoy the opportunity to create a unique experience. Everyone loves brunch and you’re likely to come out much cheaper on the bill. I am not opposed to an at home event, but will tell you to please not host this at the bride, groom, or parents’ home. Try to find a good friend or family member who is willing to host the event, but isn’t tied as closely to the wedding the next day. You’ll have enough going on without needing to clean the house from top to bottom. Casual backyard barbecues or pool parties are a great way to relax and diffuse any jitters.

Don’t feel confined to the traditional idea of what a rehearsal dinner should or shouldn’t be. Think about what you will enjoy the most and what allows you to visit with those friends and family who are sharing this special moment with you.