Three Ways to Preserve Your Bridal Bouquet

May 22, 2019 at 03:43 pm by AnnaAdmin



Tip: The trickiest part about preserving your flowers is trying to keep them fresh. Which means, the prime time to preserve them would be right after your wedding, while you are on your honeymoon… so, pick a trusted bridesmaid a few weeks before the wedding to see if they can get this project started for you.


Press The Flowers

Select as many of your flowers as you would like and set them on parchment paper. Lay the parchment paper with the flowers on it inside the pages of a heavy book (textbook, phone book, etc.). Don’t forget to add another piece of parchment paper on top of the flowers to keep them free of ink, and shut the book. Leave the book untouched for about seven to ten days. Once the flowers are free of moisture and have a papery texture, you are free to use your pressed flowers from your bouquet to make a bookmark, stationary or arrange them to fit in a frame to hang in your home.


Dry The Bouquet With Silica Gel

Don’t be confused by this one while you are looking for it at the store. It is not so much gel, it looks like sand. The gel helps to absorb water and dry out your flowers. Your florals will keep most of their structure and color if preserved this way. Form a base layer of silica gel in an airtight container. Sprinkle some of the gel in to the petals (not too much or it will distort the shape of the bloom) and then place the flower in the airtight container. Gently pour the gel around the petals and other flowers. Continue to fill the container with flowers and layering, until it reaches the top and seal it with a lid. Uncover after a few days and voilà, almost as good as the day you held them walking down the aisle!


Make Potpourri

If you aren’t so worried about the structure of your flowers, this might be the route for you to go. Start by removing all the petals and place them in a bowl. Leave them to dry in a dark place for a couple of weeks. Once dry, place them in your chosen container and add a drop or two of potpourri, flower-scented oil.