Fall Wedding Trends

Jul 11, 2019 at 01:32 pm by AnnaAdmin

By Krista Ehert

One of the things that I enjoyed the most about designing events in the wedding industry was that the trends were constantly changing. Just about the time you felt like you couldn't even look at one more mason jar, bam! recycled wine bottle glasses would come out of nowhere and switch things up. Colors, florals, wedding dresses, everything updates each season. That is the great thing about trends. However, there is a darker side of trends as well. We're talking about the ones that are beyond stunning in that one (very much staged) Pinterest photo, but don't translate so well in real life. Here are some trends for fall 2019 and tips on how to make them work for your big day.

Moodier Color Palettes
The Pantone color of the year is living coral, which is just as bold as it sounds. This hue will carry over into the fall, but in a slightly darker tone. Edgier color schemes including midnight blues, gray, plum and burgundy set great backdrops for a pop of the lively coral.

Smoke Bomb Getaways
Colorful smoke bombs have become popular to use during the getaway. I have lots of apprehension on this one. The good: they create an awesome photo moment. The bad: you have to use them during the day (or have some great night-time lighting), they can burn holes in clothes and also stain. Personally, I would use these in an engagement photo shoot where you don’t run the risk of ruining your wedding gown or triggering a guest’s asthma.

Velvet is a wonderful texture for a fall wedding. It adds a richness that is unmatched and a little can go a long way. Think table runners, bow ties and the bride's shoes for a subtle pop versus draping your tables, bridesmaids and guests in such a heavy garb. One thing worth mentioning is that you will have a “grain” so to speak, as in the fabric will look different if you run your hand across it. Make sense? If you tend to run on the OCD side, just be aware of this ahead of time.

Royal Wedding Inspired
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were wed over a year ago, but the influence of their big day remains. Simple wedding dresses, traditional sit-down reception dinners, natural makeup and dramatic floral arches will be prevalent.

Personal Scents
You want your wedding to be an experience for both you and your guests. You go to great lengths to create a certain atmosphere with colors, lighting, food, music and décor. It only makes sense that now another of your five senses will come into play: scent. Many couples are creating custom scented candles to include at the ceremony and reception. Aromatherapy can definitely make a lasting impression and I love this idea! I would go with the “less is more” approach however, as you don't want to induce any headaches among your partiers.

Pampas Grass
From bouquets and centerpieces, to aisle markers and beyond, pampass grass has made its way into every facet of wedding décor. It's easy to see the appeal. The dramatic, feathery look makes quite an impression and it goes with any color palette.

Vellum Paper Goods
The word vellum instantly transports me back to design school. If you're not familiar with the paper, it's very very thin and transparent. It's trending now as an overlay for fancy invitation suites.

Some other trends to consider wearable florals (such as arm bands, necklaces, and hair pieces), gin cocktails, ceremonies in the round, dramatic and unique lighting and statement wedding cakes.

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