How to Choose the Perfect Ring with Diamond Cellar

Feb 17, 2020 at 09:31 am by AnnaAdmin

The Diamond Cellar is a family owned and operated company that has been in business for over seventy years. Their passion has been serving their customers by ensuring they receive a personalized experience each time they walk through the door.

Why Purchasing A Diamond From Diamond Cellar Just Makes Sense:
Expert Diamond Guidance. They aren’t just salespeople. All of their consultants hold the highest diamond certification from the Gemological Institute of America, helping you make the most educated decision.

No two diamonds are alike. A box from Diamond Cellar holds a handcrafted ring made just for you, and not one that looks like anyone else’s ring.

Lowest Prices Guaranteed. Rest assured, you will not find a better price on your diamond anywhere in the country.

Diamond Upgrades. A Diamond Cellar diamond always holds its value. If you ever choose to trade-in your diamond, simply apply your original purchase price towards a new diamond.

Service. With over twenty designer goldsmiths, there’s no need for your diamond to leave the stores. All servicing is done in-house. Every inspection, cleaning, rhodium plating, and your first ring-sizing is complimentary.

Diamond Buying Insights From Our Diamond Buyer:
A diamond grading certificate explains the specifics of a diamond but not its overall beauty. A diamond certificate should be used as a guide or tool to help narrow down your search. Actually seeing a diamond is the only way to confirm its true beauty and value.

Have you ever done a diamond search online and wondered why a diamond with the same 4 C’s has such a large range in price? It’s because diamonds are valued by how beautiful they are in-person, not just by what the certificate says.

Not all diamonds are created equal! Clarity is determined by the size, color, location and type of inclusion in a diamond. Higher spectrum grades are now more desirable and thus more expensive. At wholesale, there can be as much as a 20% difference within the same clarity grade.

If you are handed a jeweler’s loupe to see the inclusions in a diamond, be very cautious. A diamond should only be viewed under a microscope at 10X magnification with proper lighting. Only a microscope allows you to see the full internal characteristics of a diamond.

The Fifth C…Cost: Since price is always a factor, many retailers will attempt to push lower spectrum diamonds because they appear to be an incredible “deal.” No matter how incredible the deal may seem, you always end up getting what you pay for.

You can now visit
Diamond Cellar at their new middle Tennessee location:
3805 Green Hills Village Drive
Nashville, Tennessee 37215

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