5 Things Guys Care About for the Big Day

Feb 17, 2020 at 11:14 am by AnnaAdmin

The wedding day is a big deal. There are numerous important factors to plan and prepare for. And most think of the bride’s wants and needs take center stage. But what about the groom? They may sit by and go with the flow for the most part, allowing their bride to choose colors, flowers, cake, food, etc. And maybe they chime in every now and then on the really important things they would like to have. Afterall, it is their wedding day too! We asked a few married guys what their top priorities were for their wedding day, and here’s what they had to say:

5. The Guest List - Celebrating the special occasion surrounded by good friends and family was important to many.

4. The Bar - An important part for some of the men was to provide their guests with good spirits for the celebration.

3. Good Music/Band - Great tunes to dance to was a must for several. It’s a celebration!

2. Great Food - This was said by quite a few of the gentlemen for what was important on their wedding day.

1. Whatever Made the Wife Happy - This was, by far, the number one answer from the guys on what was most important to them for their wedding day!

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