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How to Weatherproof your Big Day

Feb 18, 2020 at 09:28 am by adminjen

Couples spend untold time planning their wedding to ensure nothing goes wrong. However, the weather is one variable that just can’t be controlled or predicted, no matter how many forecasts you read. To help ensure rain, clouds or a blazing sky don’t spoil your celebration, here are some ideas to use in creating a wet weather contingency plan.

IF IT’S HOT AND STICKY: If the wedding is outside, you’ll need to make sure there’s plenty of shade for your guests, whether it’s under trees or covered by a marquee. Station plenty of jugs of cold water around your venues. Instead of traditional favors, give everyone a paper fan or parasol to keep themselves cool.

IF IT’S COLD AND RAINY: You’ll need plenty of umbrellas on hand to shelter the wedding party whenever they’re outside. Try to take some spares as well for guests who come unprepared. Have a wet-weather cover to protect your outfit from head to toe.

IF IT’S OUTDOORS: Beware of sunny days and make sure you sit your guests so they’re not looking straight into the glare of the sun. Burn citronella candles to make sure your celebrations aren’t invaded by insects. Make sure you advise your guests of the dress code and location so they can wear appropriate footwear and clothing, rather than three-inch heels which sink into grass and glamorous frocks that drag through the mud.

IF YOU’RE UNSURE OF THE WEATHER: Schedule your wedding at a venue with both indoor and outdoor venues.

YOU CAN STILL HAVE FUN: Ask your DJ to get in on the act with some weather-themed tunes. Try It’s Raining Men, The Heat Is On, Burn For You or even Sunshine on a Rainy Day. Remember that the weather is one of those time-honored ice breakers, so don’t fret – it gives guests something to talk about. Besides, rainy days are supposed to be good omens for a happy marriage.