Harmony Hillyard & Chad Jones

Dec 29, 2021 at 01:39 pm by RMGadmin

||  November 1, 2020  ||

Harmony was widowed suddenly, and certain she would never find love again. Then she met the man she could only dream would be a part of her next journey. Chad, in all his chivalry, has shown Harmony, life is worth living, love is forever and ever changing.
Chad and Harmony chose to get married at a waterfall because, just like life, waterfalls wouldn’t be so melodious if it weren’t for the rocks in their way. The water pushes through, always changing and flowing, creating a beautiful sight, sound and presence. Life is full of beauty despite any rocky beginnings. Waterfalls are flexible, so they don’t get hurt when they fall, but they allow themselves to fall. 
The ceremony was perfectly gorgeous. Their large family became one, and they wouldn’t have done it any other way.  


Venue // Foster Falls | Tracey City, Tennessee 
Wedding Dress // Fireflies
Menswear // Men’s Warehouse
Hair & Makeup  // A Head of Time Salon
Rentals // Barn Props
Photographer // Jayden Frazier Photography

Sections: I DO