Traditional & Modern Anniversary Gift Classics

Jan 13, 2022 at 12:40 pm by RMGadmin

Once the magic of the wedding day has passed and the bliss of opening all of those gifts and enjoying those first months of marriage has dimmed ever so slightly into routine, but hopefully not mundane, wedded harmony – you continue to celebrate throughout the years (many as we all hope), your anniversary every year, to commemorate your special day. 

Here, we break down the different traditional and modern anniversary gifts by just a handful of the significant annual milestones as a couple. 

1st Anniversary 

Traditional: Paper 

Modern: Clocks 

5th Anniversary

Traditional: Wood

Modern: Silverware

10th Anniversary

Traditional: Aluminum or Tin
Modern: Diamond Jewelry  

20th Anniversary

Traditional: China
Modern: Platinum

25th Anniversary

Traditional and Modern: Sterling Silver

Spending a quarter of a century in love is worth celebrating with such a precious and valuable metal. No wonder a 25th anniversary celebration is called a “silver jubilee.”

50th Anniversary

Traditional and Modern: Gold

Only something as desirable, classic and luxe as gold can represent such an important milestone (dubbed the “golden anniversary”).