Top Ten Wedding Songs

Feb 15, 2022 at 11:02 am by RMGadmin

By Megan Zinger

When it comes time to choose songs for your wedding, it can be overwhelming just how many options are out there. You may already have a special song with your spouse or your parents. But, remember, the type of song you choose will really set the emotion in the room. Do you prefer country music? Maybe a classic or oldie song? Or perhaps pop is more your style? We compiled a list of ten songs we think are the perfect mix of genres for first dances, father-daughter dances and mother-son dances. Put your dancing shoes on and have a tissue nearby! 

All of Me

John Legend

This song  is said to have been written about John Legend’s passionate love for his wife, Chrissy Teigen. The song came out the same year John and Chrissy got married, so this song fits perfectly as a first dance choice.


Dan + Shay

Country-pop duo, Dan+Shay wrote this song to describe the groom’s delight when he gets to first look at his bride. This song would be perfect for a bride walking down the aisle or for a first dance — be sure to grab the tissues! 

Can't Help Falling in Love

Elvis Presley

Walk down the aisle with this ‘60s classic song from the King, Elvis Presley, himself. It is one of Elvis’s most romantic and famous songs from his singing career. 

I'll Be Your Man

Zac Brown Band

This song is the perfect slow dance pick for a father-daughter dance. The song’s underlying meaning talks about a father’s role in his daughter’s life until she is married and that she will always be his baby girl.

A Thousand Years

Christina Perri

This song may remind you of the movie Twilight, but it is stunning when played as an instrumental on a violin while walking down the aisle.

My Little Girl

Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw poignant song, is sure to make the whole crowd emotional for a father-daughter dance. The song revolves around a father watching his daughter grow up. Talk about waterworks!

Marry Me


The title says it all with this marital-themed song. It was considered a smash hit in 2010 and will touch on all emotions during a first dance.

I Look to You

Whitney Houston

This sentimental  song by the iconic Whitney Houston is perfect for a mother-son dance. The song speaks of strength and looking up to an important figure in your life. 

Better Together

Jack Johnson

This Jack Johnson classic,   is a sweet reminder that you and your spouse are better when you’re together. Its acoustic rock sound is perfect for a more upbeat first dance.

Letter to my Mother

Edwin McCain

An acknowledgement of love from sons to their mothers, this song by Edwin McCain is the perfect mother-son dance that will cause teary eyes all around.