New & Unique Wedding Activities: Fun Things to Include in Your Reception

Feb 15, 2022 at 01:34 pm by RMGadmin

By Megan Zinger

Add some flair to your wedding with these fun and exciting wedding activities. No longer does your wedding have to be boring and traditional. Instead, customize it for a night to remember! Here are a few unique wedding activities inspired by

Lawn Games


Set out life-size Jenga blocks on a table outside. 

Ring Toss

Have this carnival classic to bring out a little competition between guests.


Cornhole is a must-have lawn game. You can even customize the boards specific to your wedding theme! 

Bocce Ball

An actual court is not necessary to play. The lawn is perfect for a quick game of bocce ball. 

High Striker

Show off your strength with this old-fashioned carnival game that involves a rubber mallet and determination! 

Group/Reception Activities

360 Photo Booth

One of the newest trends, a 360 Photo booth, is always a fun way to pose with guests. Bring out your inner celebrity and strike a pose!  

Traditional Photo Booth

Match a photo booth with whatever the theme of your wedding is. Be sure to have a few props for guests to take fun pictures with! 

Poker Station

Rent a poker table and hire a dealer for the night! A poker station is typically favored among the gentleman guests. 

Board Game Station

Have multi-player games sitting out for when guests get tired of dancing. Uno, Scrabble, Life and Guess Who are a few to mention.

The Shoe Game

The newlyweds sit back-to-back in front of all their guests, each take a shoe off and swap shoes. A member of the bridal party will act as the host and ask the couple questions in which they’d raise their shoe in response. 


Live Painting

Have an artist paint a masterpiece of your wedding for a forever keepsake. There are different things to capture, such as a first dance or just the wedding scene.

Sabering a Champagne Bottle

Sabering is a form of celebration and is the cutting of a champagne cork with a saber. Be sure to do this stunt with caution since it involves a sharp object. 

Doughnut Wall

Another new trend that is making an appearance at weddings is custom doughnut walls. It is social media worthy and also delicious! 

Flower Crown Bar

Have a touch of bohemian DIY by setting up a flower crown station for guests. Set out your favorite flowers and green pieces while providing florist wire, tape, garden shears and scissors. 

Hire Your Favorite Impersonator

For a fun touch, hire an impersonator to float around the party! Elvis Presley, Britney Spears or even Madonna would bring some life to the party.