Bride & Groom Gift Exchange: Day of the Wedding Gift Ideas

Feb 15, 2022 at 03:54 pm by RMGadmin

By Christian Headden

A wedding is something that you look forward to your whole life! But, as the day finally comes, along with the hustle and bustle of events, you need something special to connect you and your groom. In addition to a heartfelt, tear-jerking letter, a gift is a perfect way to remind each other that the day is about their connection and love. Here are a few of my favorite “day of” wedding gifts:

For Him

Cuff Links

Personally, I went with 18K gold cuff links from Poshmark. Websites like Poshmark and Etsy are great for getting cuff links for a good deal and getting personalized. My husband absolutely loved these and wore them for our wedding!  

Leather Passport Cover

This gift is great for jet setters and those going international for their honeymoon. A passport can easily get lost; therefore, having a passport cover can be easier to spot and keep up with. Plus, leather is great quality that will last throughout all your traveling adventures! 

Personalized Leather Wallet

By now, chances are that your future husband has had the same wallet for many years. A leather wallet is a staple item for any man! You can personalize it with their name, a quote or a sports team. You can shop for personalized engraved gifts on Etsy. 


A watch is a classic and timeless gift to give your groom. This gift can be sentimental, stylish and a symbol that your groom can wear every day! You can even engrave the watch with a personal quote like, “I will love you every second of the day.” 

Personalized Handkerchief

Have your heartfelt vows embroidered or pass down a family handkerchief for your husband. This is a unique gift that can be used not only on your wedding day but for a lifetime!  


Something tried and true, or something new. Cologne is a gift that will make your groom not only smell great but have a signature scent that is special to both of you! It is a great gift that will get its use over the days and years to come. 

For Her


My husband gave me these three pearl drop earrings that I wear on special occasions! I love how classic these earrings are, and it is even more special knowing that my husband picked them out for me. When I wear them, they remind me of the most special day of my life! 


Necklaces are an item that most people do not buy for themselves, which means it is more special and sentimental when given by the groom. This piece is a gift now but can eventually turn into a family heirloom, making it even sweeter to receive, knowing that the necklace can be passed down one day! 


The shoes you wear on your wedding day are one of a kind, a pair that you will forever remember, and even more exceptional when gifted from your groom! It is a gift that should be exchanged earlier in the day so you can have plenty of time for photographs and wear on your wedding day!   


This gift can be a scent that can be a traditional scent, a perfume that you have always wanted or one that is sentimental, that your mother or grandmother wore. The scent of perfume can bring back memories or start creating new ones – this is the perfect day to give your bride perfume! 

Engraved Jewelry Box 

An engraved jewelry box is a unique, thoughtful gift to give your bride-to-be on your wedding day! The box can have a sweet quote, letter or her new monogram with your wedding date that will be sure to make her smile!  


If you want to spice things up, lingerie is the way to go! This intimate gift will boost your bride’s self-confidence and is sure to make her feel beautiful. Choose her favorite colors and go for silk or lace material!

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