Bouquet of Buttercream: Blooming Kupcakes

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A bouquet of buttercream? I say yes.  Katherine Halbeck, Founder & CEO of Blooming Kupcakes, has been creating cupcakes that are too pretty to eat since its opening in 2020. What started as a an activity to pass time during the pandemic, soon turned into a full-time business. In less than two years of opening, Katherine designed cupcakes for celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon, Dolly Parton, Barbara Eden and Miranda Lambert. Keep reading to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Katherine and Blooming Kupcakes!
What is your favorite decorating technique you use daily?
I love utilizing my flower nail, which allows me more creativity and movement in handcrafting my floral designs. One of my favorite hacks to share is – what to do when your piping bag bursts. After months of struggling with this myself, I have found that if you are going to pipe a lot or use stiff buttercream, it is best to use scotch tape around your piping tip to adhere to the piping bag. 
How long does it take you to design & decorate each cupcake?
Each floral design is different. Rosettes can take up to a minute, but some of my more complex multi-flowered cupcakes can take several minutes. I need to consider the additional time required in switching out piping tips or creating a new color palette, color mixing and any other additions to the cupcake like making wafer eucalyptus leaves.
natural ingredients and gluten-free cupcakes, tell more.
When we went to a local big box store bakery and saw all the ingredients listed on their cupcake products – some of which you cannot pronounce – I vowed only to make cupcakes with the finest ingredients available to us. So, we import our flour from Europe to provide a very finely milled, softer and slightly sweeter flour for all to enjoy. We also offer gluten-free cupcakes. My daughter and I are both gluten intolerant. For years, we have struggled to find delicious gluten-free desserts. Identifying the right flour combination has been key to the success of our delicious cupcakes, both regular and gluten-free.
advice for beginners:
Anyone who wants to start decorating cupcakes should purchase a set of basic piping tips and the Americolor Soft Gel Paste Beginner Kit. Wilton sells a beginner’s nine-piece or twenty-two-piece Starter Decorating Piping Tip Set. There are free tutorials on YouTube that teach how to make buttercream, and pipe some basic flowers. Most importantly, have fun baking and being creative. 
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