Top 10 Classic Wedding Gifts to Give

Jan 11, 2022 at 03:34 pm by RMGadmin

While I personally believe a classic set of Tiffany champagne flutes is the best way to go when gifting for a wedding, these days anything goes. Of course, it depends on the relationship with the couple – you may well be able to gift something very personal and specialized.

But for those who, invite in hand, head to the registry list and find few options left to purchase, when in doubt: Go for the basics.

This list reflects the basics in wedding gift giving. Now, this does not mean that china, crystal and silver or other flatware are NOT still very appropriate and always appreciated. 

1. Quality Pots and Pans
2. Classic Bar ware – glassware, nice martini shaker, etc.
3. Alcohol – as in a vintage bottle of champagne or a specialty liquor
4. Fancy Knives
5. Fancy Appliances – think KitchenAid Mixer or Vitamix
6. Good linens
7. Nice Luggage
8. Furniture
9. Beautiful Picture Frames
10. Money